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A Nation RP with space exploration. IRC at #voidfleets on Coldfront (irc.coldfront.net)
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 Background and Setting

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PostSubject: Background and Setting   Mon Dec 07, 2009 7:24 am

This is the age of the voidfleets. The tentative reaches into space from your nation, bringing back wealth and strife.

This is a roleplay based on a national level, with the introduction of space travel and warfare. Set in the late years of an alternate 2010's the cumulation of decades of research is letting the very first manned space ships travel past lunar orbit.

Manned exploration expeditions are being planned, some to mars, other further into space.

However, this is not an idyllic age of peaceful utopian ascent to the stars. Each nation is competing for technological advantage, and as the first ships near completion, back on the surface of earth, wars and conflict are commonplace. Nation states engage in strong arm diplomacy, while open warfare between nations scars the earth.


This is a hard SF RP set in the near future, concentrated around national events, with the addition of widespread space research and development, as if funding had not been cut in the mid 70's. However, nations we know don't exist, and you are free to make up your own. (Rules are in this forum)


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Background and Setting
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